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Sheldon MacDonald

CFA, Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Sheldon co-manages Architas Multi-Asset Blended, Architas Multi-Asset Passive and Elite Fund ranges, as well as the Architas Global Equity Income fund. He oversees fund selection and manages the products’ asset allocation and investment strategies. He also leads fund manager research on global equity, UK multi-asset and money market strategies.

Before joining Architas in 2010, Sheldon was a fund of funds manager at Nedgroup Investments, part of Old Mutual Plc. As well as running a variety of long only multi-asset strategies, Sheldon has extensive experience in the hedge fund space and, prior to joining Nedgroup Investments, was Head of Derivative Trading at Old Mutual Asset Managers in South Africa.

Sheldon has a BComm in Financial Accounting and Economics and holds the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) and is a CFA charterholder.

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