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Quarterly Investment Review - Q4 2018

one year ago

The Architas Quarterly investment review (QIR) is a step-by-step guide to how Architas Funds have performed recently, how different political and economic factors have driven financial markets, and what this means for investments.

Over the three months, stock markets have struggled, while lower-risk investments such as government bonds have fared better.

In this edition of the QIR, we shine the spotlight on alternative investments - which are a little different to traditional assets like stocks and bonds – and take a look at the role they can play for investors.

We’ve also included a quick guide to investing during volatile periods, outlining some key factors we believe are important for us all to take into consideration when considering buying and selling investments.

If you’d like to get to know the team at Architas better, you can meet one of our investment managers in a Q&A with Jen Causton, manager of the Architas Multi-Manager (MM) UK Equity Fund and the MM Diversified Protector Fund range.

Click here to access the Q3 QIR PDF.

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