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Our market view

19 days ago

Market backdrop

The January to March period started on a positive note with markets encouraged by the signed US-China phase one trade deal and the UK leaving the European Union. However, this quickly changed as Covid-19 turned into a global pandemic. Most assets fell in response with riskier assets the worst hit, although lower-risk government bonds lived up to their safe haven status.

In this infographic, we outline the economic factors that influenced markets and summarise the risks that were present against an often uncertain political backdrop.

DOWNLOAD Market backdrop

Market outlook

Given the unprecedented situation and current high levels of volatility in the world economy, markets are clamouring for a conclusion to Covid-19.

So for a short summary of our views on the global market, please take a look by clicking the button below.

DOWNLOAD Market outlook

Spotlight on Covid-19

Article | Investments | 06/05/2020

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the global pandemic. While comparisons to previous downturns are difficult given the uniqueness of this situation, looking at historical events may help to provide perspective and maybe a bit of hope to all of the gloom.

Protection against market falls

Article | Investments | 05/05/2020

Today’s Covid-19-driven declines are clearly concerning, but markets inevitably have downswings as well as upswings and we’ve seen drops of this level before. So how can we provide some potential fund protection and position ourselves for any potential rebound?

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