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Our approach

Why multi-manager investing?

Choose a fund that diversifies your investment and combines the talents of many fund managers all in one.

Established 2008

in turbulent times and growing strongly ever  since

Global AXA group member

innovation with firm foundations

£24 billion*

assets under management and advised on *as at 30 September 2019

Making it easier for you to diversify your investment and spread risk

With so many different reasons to invest, and a bewildering array of funds and asset classes to choose from, how can you and your adviser pick out investments that are appropriate and are most likely to deliver the kind of returns you’re looking for?

At Architas, we believe it doesn’t make sense to put all your eggs in one basket.

Investing in an Architas multi-asset, multi-manager fund means you can be confident that your investment is spread across different asset classes, sectors and regions – and you could benefit from the skills of some of the world’s best-known fund managers.

Remember - the value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. As a result you may get back less than you invested. The value of funds can also fall as well as rise purely as a result of changes in exchange rates.

What is a multi-manager fund of funds?

A typical, single-manager investment fund may invest in one kind of asset, sector, or geographical area. For example, one fund might invest only in shares in UK companies. Another might invest in companies in emerging markets such as India or Brazil.

Our multi-manager fund of funds are different; instead of focusing on just one type of investment, they invest in lots of other single-focus funds – we call these underlying funds. Every underlying fund we select is run by a specialist fund manager who knows their market inside out.  And we make it our business to know everything about them.

Think of us as a specialist in specialists.

What is a multi-asset fund of funds?

As well as being multi-manager, most of our funds are multi-asset. This means they spread your investment across several types of asset classes, such as cash, equities, bonds, property and alternatives. That’s important because different asset classes tend to behave differently in different market conditions.

What are the benefits?
Choosing our multi-manager, multi-asset funds makes it easy to diversify your investment, which will potentially give it:

  • greater resilience to market shifts
  • a more balanced exposure to risk
  • a more consistent return

An illustration of a fund of funds portfolio

Architas fund of funds diagram

Please note that this is for illustrative purposes and not all Architas funds will contain all of the asset classes stated.

The multi-manager specialists

At Architas, multi-manager funds are our sole focus. All of our funds are multi-manager – and most are multi-asset. We offer a wide range of funds designed to meet different investment goals – whether you want to achieve growth, generate an income or preserve wealth for the future.

Our investment team creates each of our multi-manager funds of funds to help support your financial goals.

We use a selection of funds from a range of well-known managers including:

Alliance Bernstein logo
Artemis company logo
BlackRock company logo
TwentyFour Asset Management company logo
Invesco company logo
JP Morgan AM company logo
Fidelity Logo
J.O. Hambro Client Management logo
Jupiter Asset Management company logo
Kames company logo
Robeco - The Investment Engineers company logo
Vanguard company logo
Schroders company logo

Please note these are examples of fund managers that we work with and are subject to change. Third party trademarks are used with the permission of their owners. Fidelity International is a trademark of FIL Limited. 

Our key documents

An introduction to Architas
Learn more about who we are and what we do. This guide tells you about us and our funds as well as some handy things to think about before investing.
2111 KB | PDF Download
Architas Multi-Asset (MA) Active levels of diversification
Diversification is a key factor in successful investing. Get a breakdown of how our Architas Multi-Asset Active Funds are invested and spread across many levels.
2599 KB | PDF Download
Architas Multi-Asset (MA) Passive levels of diversification
Diversification is a key factor in successful investing. Get a breakdown of how our Architas Multi-Asset Passive Funds are invested and spread across many levels.
4275 KB | PDF Download
Architas Multi-Asset (MA) Blended levels of diversification
Diversification is a key factor in successful investing. Get a breakdown of how our Architas Multi-Asset Blended Funds are invested and spread across many levels.
5282 KB | PDF Download


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