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The cost of missing out on market recovery

one month ago

When there is increased volatility in markets its natural that clients become concerned and consider withdrawing their investments. But as we know, by being out of the market they risk missing out on any returns when the market starts to recover.

We have created this simple one pager that can be shared with clients to demonstrate the damaging effect missing out on market recovery can have on overall long term returns


Home working - what's the big story?


Article | Investments | 05/05/2020

Restrictions on the Chinese city of Wuhan were lifted, but entire countries across the globe remain in lockdown. 


The monthly review: April's top stories

Article | Investments | 05/05/2020

The Covid-19 crisis has brought rare examples of good news as well as bad. While the IMF (International Monetary Fund) made savage cuts to estimates for global growth, they also forgave debts of $214 billion owed by the world’s poorest countries. 

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