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Latest Podcasts

Podcast - Archinomics weekly market update: Monday...

Article | Investments | 06/01/2020

We review a strong end of the year for risk assets, boosted by the phase one US/China trade deal and further monetary stimulus from China.  With geopolitical tensions potentially rising, we conclude with thoughts for the markets in 2020.

Podcast - spotlight on the UK general election

Article | Investments | 13/12/2019

A landslide victory for Boris Johnson’s Conservative party has provoked a positive response from sterling and many UK asset classes. We look at these initial reactions and consider broader implications for asset allocation in 2020.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 09 Dec 2019

Article | Investments | 09/12/2019

This week will be dominated by three events: the US Federal Reserve meeting; the deadline for a further tranche of US tariffs on electronics imports from China; and the UK General Election.

Tactical Asset Allocation:December update

Article | Investments | 02/12/2019

This month, we’ve moved from a moderate underweight to a neutral position in equities. In fixed income, we have increased our US duration from a neutral position to a moderate overweight position and reduced high yield from moderate overweight to neutral.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 02 Dec 2019

Article | Investments | 02/12/2019

With markets in wait-and-see mode, we look at events coming up which could create volatility, such as the US Federal Reserve meeting and the UK election next week. 

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 25 November...

Article | Investments | 25/11/2019

Delays to signing phase one of the US/China trade deal have had differing impacts on sentiment in Europe and the emerging markets. We also discuss the possible repercussions of elections in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 18 November...

Article | Investments | 18/11/2019

A strong week for US equities did not carry over into global markets, in this week's podcast our expert panel look at headwinds in Asia and Europe and examine why high yield bond markets have lagged the recent equity rally.

Tactical Asset Allocation:November update

Article | Investments | 14/11/2019

In this podcast, our expert panel cover our overall view of our tactical asset allocation including why we have moved from a moderately underweight in UK equities to neutral. 

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 11 November...

Article | Investments | 11/11/2019

With US markets hitting all-time highs, in this week's podcast our expert panel look at company earnings forecasts. A trade truce could bring better economic growth prospects- good for equity markets, perhaps not so good for government bond markets.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 4 November 2019

Article | Investments | 04/11/2019

Our expert panel discuss last week's US Federal Reserve interest rates cut, and the suggested pause before any further cuts. We look at the improving prospects for US growth and the implications for Emerging Markets, before turning to sterling in the light of Brexit and General Election developments.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 28 October 2019

Article | Investments | 28/10/2019

Our expert panel look for trends in the US earnings reports and reasons for the strength of Japanese equities this year. As markets seem convinced of a rate cut by the US Federal Reserve this week, we consider whether the Fed has recently quietly relaunched a sizeable QE programme.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 21 October 2019

Article | Investments | 21/10/2019

Despite a lack of resolution on the latest Brexit deal, the markets are reflecting a reduced risk of a no-deal Brexit. In this week's podcast our expert panel discuss our tactical response, then move on to our view on commodities, in the light of weaker data from China.

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