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A Strong Performance by equity markets

2 months ago

Riskier assets like shares (equities) had a good month, boosted by rate cuts and other easing measures from the US and European central banks.

The European Central Bank further encouraged governments to support central bank action with fiscal spending programmes.

There was little sign that the manufacturing slowdown had reached the bottom, although optimism persisted that central bank action would be sufficient to support the cycle. A lack of progress in US/China trade talks has led us to maintain a cautious view.

With the Brexit outcome still as uncertain as ever, and potentially driving further market volatility, we are happy to maintain an allocation to non-sterling assets

Read more about how Senior Investment Managers Solomon Nevins and Mayank Markanday positioned the Architas Diversified Real Assets Fund and the Architas Diversified Global Income Fund last month in shareable, client-friendly PDFs. 

Mayank Markanday, CFA

Senior Investment Manager

Mayank is a co-manager on a number of portfolios including the Architas Diversified Real Assets Fund, Architas Monthly High Income Find, Architas Strategic Bond Fund and Architas Diversified Global Income Fund and acts as deputy portfolio manager on the Multi-Asset Blended range.


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