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The monthly review: September's top stories

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The pull of gravity

Apple launched its new iPhone handset with some fanfare, but an identical price tag to the last model. Perhaps the tech giant has hit the price ceiling for its handsets and tablets. And that’s why Apple is looking for alternative revenue streams. The focus will switch to services, such as music, games and the newly launched Apple TV+ streaming service. This helps to keep users of older iPhones in the Apple ‘ecosystem’ and still generating revenue. But at only $4.99 per month, will TV+ ever justify a market value above $1tn?

Riding the whirlwind

Brexit newsflow keeps on spinning. The suspension of UK parliament was overturned by the Supreme Court. But not before voting to push the Brexit deadline into 2020, unless a deal is struck by 18 October. And not without accusations that the highest members of the government have lied to the Queen. Prime Minister Boris Johnson still sees the UK breaking free on 31 October, like an angry Incredible Hulk. The EU has told him to ‘stop pretending to negotiate’ and to use his time wisely.

Oil price fires up

As if to illustrate how jumpy commodity markets can be, the oil price shot up 20% overnight in response to drone strikes on refineries in Saudi Arabia. This sounds dramatic, but in fact oil was only regaining levels last seen in May. The price promptly slipped back again, as the Saudis promised to bring production back on stream in a matter of days. Meanwhile climate activists stress that, unlike oil, alternative energy sources are less likely to find themselves at the mercy of geopolitical shocks.


The monthly review: September's close look

Article | Investments | 10/10/2019

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) has cut interest rates for the second time in a decade. The European Central Bank (ECB) has followed suit, while the Bank of Japan is planning to cut soon.


The Monthly Review August 2019: Close Look

Article | Investments | 11/09/2019

As wildfires burn in the Amazon and sea temperatures climb, President Macron has joined climate activists in claiming that ‘our house is burning’. Environmental harm presents both a challenge and an opportunity, for those hoping to invest wisely, but also make a difference. 

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