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Nathan Sweeney’s monthly update: Potential clouds for the strong US market

11 days ago

The US market has continued to perform strongly, but there are concerns.

The main issue for the US is the parliamentary elections in November. Should the Republicans lose their current majority, then it will be much more difficult for President Trump to pursue his agenda. The US market has arguably been driven by Trump’s interventions, such as his tax changes, which could slow or even come to a halt if the power of the Republican party diminishes.

The UK market has been buoyed by the rising oil price. This tends to be positive for the UK as there are lots of big energy producers on the stock market. However, the overall outlook for the UK continues to be dominated by the political situation with no signs of the key Brexit negotiations becoming clearer any time soon. Economic growth is positive but slow, while the high street is suffering from online competition that is hitting profits.

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Nathan Sweeney

Senior Investment Manager

Nathan co-manages the Architas Multi-Asset Active Fund range and the Architas Multi-Manager UK Equity Fund. Nathan's analyst responsibilities consist of research into US macroeconomics and US equity funds.


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