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Latest insights

The cost of missing out on market recovery

Article | Investments | 31/03/2020

When there is increased volatility in markets its natural that clients become concerned and consider withdrawing their investments.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 30 March 2020

Article | Investments | 30/03/2020

Equities rallied sharply as a $2 trillion US stimulus package restored some confidence to markets. High yield bonds had a better week and Ford became the latest ‘Fallen Angel’ to be downgraded from investment grade status. We consider the diverging performance between oil and gold, before looking ahead to US employment figures at the end of this week.

Our response to volatile markets

Article | Investments | 25/03/2020

The discussion today focuses on recent volatility in financial markets and the steps taken to restore market confidence. We then outline Architas’ investment response  and highlight the importance of staying invested through these periods of market turbulence.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 23 March 2020

Article | Investments | 23/03/2020

Massive stimulus measures from governments and central banks caused markets to whipsaw in the face of crumbling forecasts. Commodities markets, such as oil and gold, were hard hit by selling. We reiterate our investment response in the face of these moves.

Covid-19: What does this mean for my investments?

Article | Investments | 20/03/2020

The last few weeks have seen a sharp market reaction to the spread of the coronavirus.

We have created the following update to help explain what Covid-19 means for your investments.

Coronavirus policy responses - what will it take?...

Article | Investments | 20/03/2020

Central banks and governments have taken unprecedented steps to support economies hit by the spread of coronavirus. We discuss the scale of these moves and consider what it might take to restore confidence and to calm financial markets.

Market responses to pandemics

Article | Investments | 19/03/2020

Markets often bounce back strongly after viral outbreaks. Will they do so with coronavirus?

Covid-19 Business update

Article | Corporate news | 17/03/2020

In light of the escalating Covid-19 pandemic we wanted to outline the steps we are taking to both protect the safety of our staff and also continue to provide the level of service our clients expect.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 16 March 2020

Article | Investments | 16/03/2020

Discussion focused on another surprise rate cut from the US Federal Reserve and its immediate impact on equities, bonds, gold and oil. Our Deputy Chief Investment Officer looks at continuing government and central bank responses to the coronavirus outbreak and assesses the prospects going forward.

A guide to investing in volatile markets

Article | Investments | 09/03/2020

We've created this guide for you to share with your clients who might be concerned with levels of volatility in markets.

Coronavirus and the ripple effect


Article | Investments | 04/03/2020

It is known as an ‘exogenous shock’, an event not predicted by forecasting models which has far-reaching effects. Just like dropping a pebble in a pond, the initial impact can be small but the ripples spread wide. 

The monthly review: February's top stories

Article | Investments | 04/03/2020

FEBRUARY: What happened? Here we take a quicklook at the markets.

Market volatility – opportunities for investors

Article | Investments | 03/03/2020

The spread of coronavirus has created a spike in volatility, with most major stock markets posting big losses at the end of February. Despite this, at Architas we believe investors should not panic. Here we explain why.


Archinomics weekly update: Monday 2 March 2020

The coronavirus shock brought sharp corrections to equity markets, while US government bond markets jumped in hopes of an interest rate cut later this month. We consider encouraging data from China as well as oil production cuts at the OPEC meeting this week.

Podcast - Coronavirus: The shock waves

Article | Investments | 28/02/2020

Our panel of investment experts discusses the sharp market reactions to the spread of the virus. Equity market nervousness has been met by increased interest in safe havens. We comment on our recent tactical asset allocation adjustment and what it would take for the markets to regain confidence.

Spotlight on the US presidential election

Article | Investments | 26/02/2020

The race for the US presidency is gaining attention across the globe. After all, the President of the United States has the power to influence stock markets, trade and politics on an international scale. Here we give you a roundup of what to expect in the run-up to the election and how this could affect your clients’ investments.

Podcast - Weekly market update: 24 Feb 2020

Article | Investments | 24/02/2020

As the spread of the coronavirus reverberated around the world, our expert panel look at the impact on US PMI data, Apple’s warning of a hit to turnover for this quarter and the supportive response from the People’s Bank of China. The price of gold has responded well to turmoil elsewhere in the markets.

A Deterioration in the global growth outlook

Article | Investments | 21/02/2020

Most major stock markets took a battering in January, as the coronavirus outbreak was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization.

Coronavirus weighs on the stock markets

Article | Investments | 21/02/2020

All major stock markets fell in January, as the outbreak of the coronavirus weighed on investor confidence and caused a spike in market volatility.

Unforeseeable events dominate the markets

Article | Investments | 19/02/2020

January was dominated by external shocks that investors would have struggled to foresee. These included military aggression between the US and Iran, and the emergence of the Covid-19 coronavirus in China’s Wuhan province. 

Podcast - Weekly market update: 17 Feb 2020

Article | Investments | 17/02/2020

This week our expert panel discuss the influence of the FAANG stocks on the US earnings season. We then look at central bank responses to the coronavirus and the sharp rebound in the oil price.

Coronavirus: how concerned should you be?

Article | Investments | 13/02/2020

Public imagination and financial markets have both been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak that has emerged from Wuhan in China. Indeed the Shanghai stock index fell around 9% on 3 February, the first day of trading following the long market closure for the Lunar New Year.

Podcast - Weekly market update: 10 Feb 2020

Article | Investments | 10/02/2020

The standout events last week was the continuing spread of the coronavirus. Our expert panel discuss how the US market looked past the impact of coronavirus and responded positively to good earnings figures and economic data.

The Value of Values

Article | Your views | 07/02/2020

This guide to sustainable investing from Architas and Incisive Media outlines the opportunities and challenges it can bring to your clients’ portfolios.

Fiscal Stimulus - What's the big story?


Article | Investments | 07/02/2020

Interest rates tumbled in the years following the Great Financial Crisis, as central banks attempted to kick-start economic growth. But has that game now played out? 

The monthly review: January's top stories

Article | Investments | 07/02/2020

JANUARY: What happened? Here we take a quicklook at the markets.

Podcast - Weekly market update: 03 Feb 2020

Article | Investments | 03/02/2020

There were two stand out events last week - Brexit day and the spread of the coronavirus. 

The View - Winter 2019

Article | Investments | 31/01/2020

The Winter edition of The View provides a step-by-step guide to how the political and economic environment has driven financial markets, and what this means for your investments

Podcast: Specially extended for Brexit Day

Article | Investments | 31/01/2020

Listen to our expert panel discuss Brexit Day and beyond on a specially extended podcast.

Matthieu André is appointed CEO of Architas

Article | Corporate news | 30/01/2020

30 January 2020: Matthieu André has today been appointed as CEO of Architas. Matthieu replaces Hans Georgeson who after 10 years with Architas has decided to pursue other opportunities outside the AXA Group.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 27 Jan 2020

Article | Investments | 27/01/2020

As the coronavirus spreads beyond China, we consider the possible impact on economic growth, as well as the hit to the oil price. Brexit Day will finally dawn this Friday.

Podcast - Weekly market update: 20 Jan 2020

Article | Investments | 20/01/2020

As US equities hit record highs for the sixth week in a row, our expert panel discuss whether we should expect more highs, following the signing of the trade deal.

Black Swans – predicting the unpredictable

Article | Investments | 17/01/2020

We asked our investment team for the most improbable, outlandish Black Swans that they could think of. They didn’t disappoint. 

Podcast - Weekly market update: 13 Jan 20

Article | Investments | 13/01/2020

Our expert panel focus on how US markets made fresh highs led by the Tech sector, but are facing the imminent start of the reporting season.This week should finally see the signing of the phase one trade deal between the US and China.

The monthly review: December's top stories

Article | Investments | 09/01/2020

DECEMBER: What happened?

Podcast - Weekly market update: 06 Jan 2020

Article | Investments | 06/01/2020

We review a strong end of the year for risk assets, boosted by the phase one US/China trade deal and further monetary stimulus from China.  With geopolitical tensions potentially rising, we conclude with thoughts for the markets in 2020.

Podcast - spotlight on the UK general election

Article | Investments | 13/12/2019

A landslide victory for Boris Johnson’s Conservative party has provoked a positive response from sterling and many UK asset classes. We look at these initial reactions and consider broader implications for asset allocation in 2020.

How will the election affect markets?

Article | Investments | 13/12/2019

A Conservative win was always likely to be the most market-friendly outcome. We anticipate this will provide positive sentiment for UK shares (equities), but it will also be positive for sterling, which might undermine the sentiment boost, as FTSE heavyweights earn a significant portion of their revenues overseas. 

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 09 Dec 2019

Article | Investments | 09/12/2019

This week will be dominated by three events: the US Federal Reserve meeting; the deadline for a further tranche of US tariffs on electronics imports from China; and the UK General Election.

Video: Architas Market Weather Report for Winter...

Article | Videos | 06/12/2019

In these turbulent times, which regions are set for stormy economic weather and which will enjoy a calm and sunny outlook? Watch as our senior investment manager, Nathan Sweeney, takes you through the economic weather.

The annual review: 2019's top stories

Article | Investments | 05/12/2019

2019 • What happened?

Tactical Asset Allocation:December update

Article | Investments | 02/12/2019

This month, we’ve moved from a moderate underweight to a neutral position in equities. In fixed income, we have increased our US duration from a neutral position to a moderate overweight position and reduced high yield from moderate overweight to neutral.

Megatrends – the forces shaping our future

Article | Investments | 02/12/2019

What is a megatrend? In this article we find out what they are and what they mean for investors, before examining five megatrends...

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 02 Dec 2019

Article | Investments | 02/12/2019

With markets in wait-and-see mode, we look at events coming up which could create volatility, such as the US Federal Reserve meeting and the UK election next week. 

Positive data, but risks remain

Article | Investments | 26/11/2019

Concerns over global growth appeared to lessen with the release of some positive economic data in October. However, risks still remain – elections, trade tariffs and geopolitical tensions to name but a few.

A good month for US stocks

Article | Investments | 26/11/2019

The US stock market delivered a record-beating performance in October, with the S&P 500 index hitting fresh highs. 

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 25 November...

Article | Investments | 25/11/2019

Delays to signing phase one of the US/China trade deal have had differing impacts on sentiment in Europe and the emerging markets. We also discuss the possible repercussions of elections in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Safe haven investing

Article | Investments | 20/11/2019

Global growth worries and a trade war between the world’s two largest economies, the US and China, have led investors towards...

Video: World Market Review

Article | Videos | 20/11/2019

We recently caught up with advisers from Belfast at one of our World Market Review roadshow events.

Real assets insights - Q3 2019

Article | Investments | 19/11/2019

Find out what’s been happening in the real assets space and alternatives more broadly over the quarter.

The monthly review: October's top stories

Article | Investments | 18/11/2019

OCTOBER • What happened?


The monthly review: October's close look

Article | Investments | 18/11/2019

A listing on the stockmarket is the dream of many a wannabe unicorn start-up. But sky-high valuations can sometimes be built on fantasy rather than sound expectations. 

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 18 November...

Article | Investments | 18/11/2019

A strong week for US equities did not carry over into global markets, in this week's podcast our expert panel look at headwinds in Asia and Europe and examine why high yield bond markets have lagged the recent equity rally.

Tactical Asset Allocation:November update

Article | Investments | 14/11/2019

In this podcast, our expert panel cover our overall view of our tactical asset allocation including why we have moved from a moderately underweight in UK equities to neutral. 

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 11 November...

Article | Investments | 11/11/2019

With US markets hitting all-time highs, in this week's podcast our expert panel look at company earnings forecasts. A trade truce could bring better economic growth prospects- good for equity markets, perhaps not so good for government bond markets.

The View - Autumn 2019

Article | Investments | 08/11/2019

The Autumn edition of The View provides a step-by-step guide to how Architas Funds have performed recently, how the political and economic environment has driven financial markets, and what this means for your investments.

Archinomics weekly update: Monday 4 November 2019

Article | Investments | 04/11/2019

Our expert panel discuss last week's US Federal Reserve interest rates cut, and the suggested pause before any further cuts. We look at the improving prospects for US growth and the implications for Emerging Markets, before turning to sterling in the light of Brexit and General Election developments.

A Strong Performance by equity markets

Article | Investments | 30/10/2019

Riskier assets like shares (equities) had a good month, boosted by rate cuts and other easing measures from the US and European central banks.

Equities boosted by proposed UK-China talks

Article | Investments | 29/10/2019

Japanese equities led the pack, while European equities rose due to expectations for ECB economic stimulus

Central bank stimulus supports equities

Article | Investments | 29/10/2019

The European Central Bank stepped in to support the economy through lower interest rates and further bond purchases, while the US Federal Reserve also cut rates. 

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