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Solomon Nevins’ and Mayank Markanday’s monthly...

Article | Investments | 16/11/2018

October was a fright-fest for global stockmarkets, with most indices down at least 5%.


Helping your clients meet the flexible retirement...

Article | Investments | 15/11/2018

Retirement savers have been given a lot of freedom with their pension pot. But we all know the choices people now face at retirement can seem a little overwhelming. That is why we have produced this guide for you to share with your clients.


New tools to help investor understanding

Article | Investments | 14/11/2018

We all want to help clients understand what they’re investing in and to try to break down the barriers some feel about investing.  Working with our network of adviser clients, we have designed two new tools to increase the transparency and understanding of the Architas Funds you may recommend.


Quarterly Investment Review Q3 2018

Article | Investments | 31/10/2018

In this edition of the QIR, we shine the spotlight on the rise of e-commerce, how consumer behaviour is changing and what this could mean for investors.


Architas Q2 2018 Fund manager thoughts: Passive...

Article | Videos | 18/07/2018

Alex Burn discusses market events, his thoughts on a rising oil price and what the best piece of advice he’s been given in this two minute video.


Architas Q2 2018 Fund manager thoughts: Specialist...

Article | Videos | 18/07/2018

Mayank Markanday talks through the past quarter, the rest of the year; his thoughts on rising volatility in markets; and what the most challenging aspect of his job is in this five minute video.


Architas Q2 2018 Fund manager thoughts: Blended...

Article | Videos | 18/07/2018

Sheldon MacDonald talks through the past quarter, the rest of the year; where he’s looking for active management opportunities and what the most challenging aspect of his job, all in under three minutes.


Architas Q2 2018 Fund manager thoughts: Income...

Article | Videos | 18/07/2018

Nathan Sweeney shares his views on what has happened in the markets for income investors, talks over the rising price of oil and how he filters information for his job, all in under four minutes.


Architas Q2 2018 Fund manager thoughts: Active...

Article | Videos | 18/07/2018

Nathan Sweeney talks through the past quarter, the rest of the year, his thoughts on rising volatility in markets and shares the best piece of advice he’s been given in under four minutes.


The opening up of the Chinese market

Article | Investments | 06/07/2018

Our current outlook for China is broadly positive thanks to continued strong GDP growth.


Charges overhaul - giving clients the best value

Article | press releases | 05/07/2018

We are making our super clean share classes available to all UK investment platforms. 


The return of volatility

Article | Investments | 06/06/2018

This year we have been saying that market volatility is set to return to normal levels. That mantra is still in place, especially in the light of recent political developments.


Architas becomes signatory of the PRI

Article | Investments | 01/06/2018

This is just one of the ways that Architas is developing our activities in the ESG space. Look out for more details soon.


QE and QT: Should we expect quantitative...

Article | Investments | 29/05/2018

We don’t see tapering as an immediate threat but are instead more focused on interest rate risk. This is something we are conscious of, mainly for the US.


The role of government bonds when interest rates...

Article | Investments | 01/05/2018

If we experience another disruptive event like the financial crisis of 2008 your portfolio will need an investment to act as a genuine diversifier and protect your capital.


Why infrastructure still offers value for...

Article | Investments | 01/05/2018

Investors should be drawn back to infrastructure assets over time for their income protection.


The rise of multi-asset investing

Article | Investments | 20/04/2018

The right multi-asset fund is one that is well diversified and remains within a particular volatility boundary with an expected level of return.


Could your clients be better off investing early?

Article | Investments | 13/04/2018

An investor who put their full ISA allowance on the first day of each tax year into the index, excluding charges, was £6,627 better off than if they had waited until the last day of the tax year.


What does 2018 have in store for markets

Article | Videos | 12/04/2018

In this client friendly video Architas' Chief Investment Officer Jaime Arguello gives his thoughts on 2017 and what he thinks will be the big investment themes in 2018.


How to invest in volatile markets?

Article | Investments | 30/03/2018

Given how hard it is to predict market volatility it is better to focus on things you can control.


What should investors do as the US trade war...

Article | Investments | 27/03/2018

Trade wars have a way of getting out of control quickly and President Trump has shown he doesn’t like to back down.


US raise rates, while UK holds fire; but what does...

Article | Investments | 26/03/2018

In a world of rising inflation and rising interest rates, fixed income assets tend to suffer.


Trump’s trade war threat

Article | Investments | 08/03/2018

Trump’s style is often confrontational and he doesn’t like to back down so the chances are the rhetoric is likely to escalate from here


Architas sees strong UK and global growth in 2017

Article | press releases | 22/02/2018

Today we announced strong growth in 2017 as net new money for the UK business in 2017 hit £867mn. Net new money for the global business as a whole was €2.12bn while total assets reached €43.7bn as at 31 December 2017. 


Six reasons markets are not expensive

Article | Investments | 21/02/2018

It is important to remember that bull runs do not die of old age.


Will the Year of the Dog give China anything to...

Article | Investments | 15/02/2018

The economic outlook in China is supported by synchronised global growth which is a significant tailwind for a country still largely dependent on exports.


Fixed income funds drive record sales in 2017

Article | Investments | 08/02/2018

The ethical sector is showing positive signs of growth and investors are increasingly taking ethical investing into consideration when making investment decisions.


A bump in the road for markets?

Article | Investments | 06/02/2018

We don’t believe the risk of recession – which could trigger a deeper market sell-off - has risen significantly.


Will value stocks perform in 2018?

Article | Investments | 22/01/2018

Tax cuts are likely to benefit domestically focused medium sized companies the most, as these companies do not benefit from having any offshore shelter to avoid.


Does January market performance really provide...

Article | Investments | 22/01/2018

There are just too many unknowns that could change the outlook and performance of markets.


Why are bond funds still popular with investors?

Article | Investments | 17/01/2018

It is understandable that British investors may be a bit more cautious about the future and therefore less willing to take risks



Architas market outlook 2018

Article | Your views | 14/12/2017

We believe the global economic growth outlook remains strong.


Architas appoints investment manager

Article | press releases | 27/11/2017

Mayank Markanday has this week joined Architas as an investment manager. He will co-manage a number of portfolios.

Architas boosts UK team with double appointment

Article | press releases | 04/09/2017

Sarah Ackland has been promoted to head of Architas UK funds and Frank Potaczek has been appointed her replacement as the new head of UK proposition. 

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