Multi-manager funds designed to help you meet your clients’ investment needs

Our investment managers combine their expertise and experience with meticulous research to design multi-manager fund of funds that aim to meet the investment goals of a wide range of investors. 

The Architas fund range

Our investment managers use our rigorous investment process and their own experience and skill to select expertly managed underlying funds – including some of the world’s best-known asset managers. They combine these into diversified portfolios designed to meet a variety of investor needs, aiming for the best balance between risk and potential return. Our team then continues to regularly monitor and rebalance the portfolios to keep them in line with their objectives. 

Our three multi-manager fund ranges 

  • Risk profiled funds: our diversified, multi-asset funds cover risk profiles 2 to 7, and are regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure they stay in line with your client’s risk profile. Unlike many multi-manager specialists, we are style agnostic and offer active, passive, and blended ranges. 
  • Income generating funds: developed to suit a variety of income needs, including risk-profiled and non-risk-profiled funds with different payment frequency options. 
  • Specialist funds: created for advisers who want to build bespoke portfolios, or want exposure to a specific asset class or geographic region.
We offer risk-profiled funds across active, passive and blended styles – all diversified and regularly rebalanced to ensure they stay in line with their risk profile.

We created our risk-profiled funds to help you match the needs of a wide range of investors – from cautious to adventurous.

EValue provide our strategic asset allocation – the starting point for our risk profiled ranges – aiming to establish the most efficient risk/return profile for each risk band.

Our multi-asset passive funds follow EValue’s asset allocation – our managers will not make any tactical moves away from the model. But with our MA active and MA blended funds, our investment managers have the flexibility to make tactical asset allocation moves away from the model, where they see a potential opportunity to outperform.

Our risk-profiled passive, active and blended ranges are diversified across asset classes, geographic areas and underlying fund managers. The funds are regularly monitored and rebalanced to ensure they remain within their risk bands – so you can reassure your clients that their level of risk will continue to be within their comfort zone, without needing to monitor each underlying fund.

We also provide a monthly statement to help you meet due diligence requirements, confirming the funds have stayed within your client’s risk profile.

With our active funds, our investment managers are free to select underlying funds based on their experience, thorough analysis and our meticulous investment process.

Starting with the EValue strategic asset allocation model, the investment manager can make tactical asset allocation decisions to take advantage of well-performing investment opportunities and capitalise on the potential to outperform the market.

This allows them to react to changing market conditions, while avoiding fads or underperforming sectors or countries.

Key facts
  • Aim to outperform the market – useful for clients who want to achieve a potential higher rate of return and are happy with the potential risks
  • Based on the EValue asset allocation model, but managers can make tactical asset allocation decisions to take advantage of market opportunities, while avoiding under-performing areas
  • Access to the whole of the market

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Passive funds are simple to explain to clients, and can be an attractively low-cost way to invest.

Instead of matching one market benchmark, our multi-manager funds are diversified across a variety of passively managed underlying funds, including different sectors, asset classes and regions.

Our strategic asset allocation is provided by EValue, which models the best asset class mix for each risk profile, based on expected risk and return. Our team builds the portfolios using a range of passive investments, such as trackers and exchange-traded funds.

This process removes subjective emotion from the investment – as passive funds are invested according to the asset allocation model, rather than the fund manager’s views.

Key facts
  • Cost-effective way to invest – useful for clients who are worried about cost and potential for underperformance
  • Clients find tracker funds easy to understand
  • Can be useful in some well-developed markets where active management may be hard to justify
  • Less likely to be affected by a manager’s response to market conditions, as funds are selected in line with the EValue model

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Passive funds are particularly useful in some well-developed markets that are difficult to outperform, making active management less likely to be worthwhile.

Blended funds are an attractive combination for clients, bringing together the potential higher returns from active funds with the lower costs of passive funds.

Our investment managers are free to allocate assets based on their experience, skill and analysis, alongside our robust investment process – there is no set allocation between active and passive underlying funds. 

They begin with the strategic asset allocation model from EValue, and use their experience to identify active funds that offer potential for outperformance and alpha generation, combined with passive funds to provide lower cost access to more developed, efficient markets where active management may not be worthwhile, as the market is difficult to outperform.

Key facts
  • Easy for clients to understand – useful for clients who want a value-for-money investment, but are interested in the potential for further growth from actively-managed funds
  • Based on the EValue strategic asset allocation model, combined with access to the best active funds where our investment managers identify opportunities to outperform the market
  • Investment managers have no set allocation between active and passive – they can add active and passive underlying funds depending on where the team’s analysis identifies opportunities for growth at a good price

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If clients need to take an income from their investment, our funds may help to deliver a stable income without losing out on the potential for growth to support their future plans.

It’s useful to be able to offer an income option to clients who need it: whether they are nearing or at retirement, or simply want to take an income to cover everyday expenses. We offer a range of income generating multi-manager funds to help provide a potentially attractive level of income – alongside the potential for capital growth. Our managers take care to invest in a range of assets that will pay income at different times, helping to keep income stable.

Our range includes risk profiled or non-risk profiled options, which have different payment frequencies – monthly, quarterly or six-monthly, according to the chosen fund.

We offer a range of actively managed risk profiled income generating fund of funds rated 2, 3 or 4 on the EValue model. As with all our active funds, our investment managers combine their own expertise and skills with the wider experience and ongoing research of our team to select underlying funds that balance opportunities for growth with the need to provide a stable income.

More about our risk profiled funds

We offer three risk profiled income generating funds, which all pay income quarterly.

Architas MA Active Reserve Fund – risk profile 2

The fund seeks to achieve capital growth and income with a low level of volatility (risk), having a risk profile of 2, in a range from 1 to 7 where 1 is the lowest risk and 7 the highest. It currently has zero allocation to equities, but instead is globally diversified across a portfolio of bonds, property, alternatives, cash and money markets.  

More about this fund, including its yield

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Architas MA Active Moderate Income Fund - risk profile 3

The Active Moderate Income fund seeks to achieve income with a median level of volatility (risk), having a risk profile of 4, in a range from 1 to 7 where 1 is the lowest risk and 7 the highest. It does this by investing in a globally diversified combination of shares in companies, corporate and government bonds, property and alternative assets.   

More about this fund, including its yield

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Architas MA Active Intermediate Income Fund - risk profile 4

This fund seeks to achieve income with a median level of volatility (risk), having a risk profile of 4, in a range from 1 to 7 where 1 is the lowest risk and 7 the highest. It invests in a range of equities, bonds, property and cash, with additional diversification from the alternatives asset class.  

More about this fund, including its yield

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Architas Diversified Global Income Fund

Aiming to provide income while growing capital, the Diversified Global Income Fund combines traditional investments with funds investing in alternative assets including property, infrastructure and commodities. It pays income quarterly.

The fund gives investors the potential to smooth out market volatility, as downturns affecting traditional investment elements may not affect the alternative asset elements. It may also help to protect their investment from the effects of inflation, as historically the value of alternative assets has increased with inflation (although past performance is not a guide to future performance).

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Architas Global Equity Income Fund

The Global Equity Income Fund offers your clients a high level of diversification across a broad range of countries, aiming to protect against volatility affecting any one particular region. It aims to provide income with some capital growth, and provides a quarterly income.

Our skilled investment managers use their extensive experience to select funds that work alongside our UK investments, and that will deliver dividends at different times, which can help to ensure a consistent income.

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Architas MM Monthly High Income Fund

The Monthly High Income Fund seeks to generate a monthly income – which is paid monthly. 

It offers your clients excellent diversification across a global portfolio of funds, covering a wide range of countries and types of asset – including shares, corporate and government bonds, and property.

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If you prefer to build your own portfolios, our specialist funds give you and your clients a way to focus on a specific asset class or region, while still benefitting from our diversified multi-manager approach.

Our specialist multi-manager funds are designed to help you if you use a model portfolio, or want exposure to a specific asset class or region through an individual fund. Our specialist multi-manager funds give you and your client the reassurance that their risk is still diversified across underlying funds that are selected and monitored by our experienced team.

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These documents provide you with key information about our funds which your clients are advised to read before making an investment in any of the Architas Funds.





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The value of your client's investment, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. Your client may get back less than they originally invested. Furthermore, the value can fall as well as rise purely on account of exchange rate fluctuations. The Architas Multi-Manager Monthly High Income Fund may invest over 35% of its assets in investments issued by a single local, national or supranational government. Each of these funds can invest entirely in units of collective investment schemes. For further information on any of the Architas funds, please refer to the Key Investor Information document or prospectus (which is available upon request).

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