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World Market Review roadshow

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We know it’s important for your due diligence process to see the whites of the eyes of fund managers. That’s why we run over 100 events a year featuring Architas investment professionals and some of the underlying fund managers;  so you can see who's running your clients' money and why we believe that they're the best in their field. 


WMR is back on tour

30th January - 15th May | Earn 2 hours CPD

World Market Review roadshow

The event will be split into two sessions with the first taking a tour of the global markets and asset classes, highlighting what we consider the potential opportunities and challenges for investors. We will explore how defensive positioning has the potential to mitigate these downside risks while remaining invested in the market.

Against a market backdrop where bonds and equities remain relatively highly correlated, the second session will look at the alternative investment opportunities available for investors seeking further diversification. We will provide an objective overview, focussing on liquidity, due diligence, correlation to traditional assets, while examining the type of market conditions that will best suit these very different investment vehicles.


Pics from the past

Here are some photos to give you a flavour of recent events. 

World market review Feb - Nov 2018

The art of multi-asset forums May - June 2018

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