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Our process

Partnering with Architas

Sweating the small stuff, so you don’t have to

Making it easier to meet your clients’ needs and objectives

Every client is different, so we offer a range of risk profiled and non-risk profiled funds.

For our risk profiled funds, strategic asset allocation starts with EValue’s forward-looking stochastic model. This aims to establish a highly efficient risk/return asset allocation for each of our risk bands.

For our non-risk profiled funds, our investment managers do not have to meet a risk target. This gives them more flexibility to use their expertise and a range of tools to choose where to invest, always seeking to try and achieve consistent returns or to maximise the amount of income they can generate.

Ferris Wheel

Understanding how fund managers will react to highs and lows 

We believe that knowing exactly what makes fund managers and their teams tick is essential for a true understanding of any fund.

So we make sure we really get to know the underlying fund managers’ personalities as well as their processes. We use a mix of tools and research, but key are our face-to-face meetings with managers – including some of the world’s best known. This insight and access means we’re able to get to know the managers, their plans and their objectives, so we can confidently anticipate how they’ll deal with market highs and lows.

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Establishing our conviction

Armed with this thorough research, our analysts score each fund, ensuring that only the funds we have the highest conviction in make it through to our fund approval forum. Here, our full investment team discuss the merits of each fund, debating and challenging the analysts’ findings. 

Only funds approved by the forum can be included in our fund of funds. If an approved fund should underperform, it must go through the process again before the forum will approve it for ongoing inclusion in our fund of funds.

Sea Shells Selection

Careful selection, pro-active monitoring

We continually monitor our funds and the underlying funds, rebalancing when necessary, to ensure every one of our fund of funds continues to behave in line with its aims and objectives.

And we provide regular updates showing you how we’ve reached that decision to help support your clients. It all helps you and your clients to feel more confident about your investment choices, and how they can continue to meet your clients’ needs.

See our funds

Architas offers active and passive fund of funds, as well as a blend of both styles, across our risk profiled, income generating and specialist fund ranges.




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Riskier assets like shares (equities) had a good month, boosted by rate cuts and other easing measures from the US and European central banks.


Equities boosted by proposed UK-China talks

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Japanese equities led the pack, while European equities rose due to expectations for ECB economic stimulus

The value of your clients' investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. Your client could get back less than they originally invested.  

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